Excel Trucking

Success lies at the top of the mountain, and at Excel, we work hard to reach it by solving transportation challenges we face every day.

Abdulla Abdi

Co-Founder & Owner

Excel Trucking


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Our Mission

No continually surpass our customers’ expectations with our excellent service and dedication to prompt, safe deliveries.

Our Promise

We won’t make excuses. We’ll get your delivery where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. Every time.

Our Climb

As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary at Excel Trucking, we’re proud of the work we’ve done
and we’re excited to continue to enhance our operations in the years to come.


When Excel Trucking opened in 2011, we had one truck, one trailer, and one driver. Success seemed a long way off, but we didn’t let that intimidate us. We got to work. We targeted clients in the air freight and expedited freight industries in the Midwestern and Northeastern markets and used brokerage companies for back-hauls. At the time, we didn’t know where Excel Trucking would take us, but we did know that customer satisfaction and punctual pickup & delivery were our top priorities.


As we focused on doing right by our customers, people noticed. We quickly had more clients than our one driver could handle, so we expanded. Today, we maintain a fleet of over 40 trucks and employ 120 drivers. As our company has grown, our focus has never shifted from customer satisfaction and punctuality. In order to maintain our high standards, we recently spent over $150k on infrastructure and technology that have helped us to increase the efficiency of our operations.


Our pursuit of excellence never ends. As soon as we reach one goal, we find a new one to strive for. At the moment, our goal is to become the industry leader in trucking services in the continental United States. Once we reach that goal, we’re sure we’ll find a new one to pursue.