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Whether you need to ship your dry goods across the state or across the country, we will keep your deliveries safe – and right on time.


As your dedicated partner, we are fully committed to leveraging Excel’s extensive experience, expertise, and resources to help your company achieve excellence. We recognize that your needs are distinct and demand a tailored solution. With Excel Dedicated, we work closely with you to deliver optimal solutions that align with your unique requirements, ensuring operational efficiency and success.


When it comes to swift deliveries, you can rely on us for comprehensive coverage. Our team, coupled with our modern fleet, is committed to providing you the speed and efficiency you require. Trust us to meet your time-sensitive demands and ensure your shipments reach their destination promptly and reliably.

Cross-Docking & Warehousing

Excel offers cross-docking services to complement our transportation solutions in Central Ohio. Our cross-docking services encompass secure and efficient unloading of shipments, temporary storage, and seamless re-loading onto outbound vehicles. With our expertise in cross-docking, we ensure smooth and swift transfer of goods, optimizing the logistics process and minimizing handling time.

Cutting-edge Technology

At Excel, we prioritize transparency and accuracy over guesswork. Leveraging our advanced routing technology, we have the capability to precisely track the location of your shipment at any given moment.

End-to-end shipment visibility

Excel has partnered with Miler and Samsara to provide real time cutting-edge technologies and to ensure accurate and up-to-date details such as estimated arrival times, route deviations, and any potential delays, enabling you to make informed decisions and plan your operations effectively.

Security that you can count on

At Excel Trucking, We’re constantly upgrading our security systems to keep your shipments out of harm’s way. Whether it’s our exceptional safety guidelines or our state-of-the-art onboard tracking systems, we make sure nothing stands in the way of your package reaching its destination.

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We are passionate about discussing all things related to freight-hauling and beyond. Feel free to get in touch with us to explore various solutions we can provide.

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